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Engine Design & Build

We're experts in creating reliable power

If you are building a car show cruiser, a daily driver, or a full blown race car, let us put our 30+ years of experience to work for you! Whether you're looking for a crate engine or something unique, SDCE has you covered. Every engine we build is carefully crafted around your unique "wants and needs" so that no two engines are ever the same. In building your engine, we take the time to blueprint and document the process from start to finish so that all data (clearances, balance sheets, part numbers, etc) is provided upon completion. If an "off the shelf" approach fits your build better, we offer Chevy, Ford and Chrysler crate engines from several of our vendors.


Small Block LA / Magnum, Big Block B / RB, Early and Late model Hemi


Small Block Windsor / Cleveland, Big Block, Modular / Coyote


Small Block Gen 1, LT, LS, Big Block, V6


AMC V8, Buick V8/V6, Oldsmobile V8, Pontiac V8, GM LNF


Add more power with a supercharger or turbocharger

Since 1995, SD Concepts has been fabricating custom boost kits for a wide variety of GM, Ford and Mopar vehicles. Whether you're looking for 400HP or 1500HP+ out of a centrifugal, screw, or roots blower, we've got you covered! Prefer a single turbo or a twin turbo? We've got you covered! Carbureted or fuel injected? We've got you covered! Intercooled or meth injected? Yup, we've got you covered! If you can dream it, we can plan and build a system for you!


Superchargers are a big part of what we do here at SDCE. When we bought a 1973 Dodge Challenger in 1994, there weren't a lot of high performance options for Mopars so we took matters into our own hands. We were the first company to make a small block Mopar supercharger kit in 1995 and followed up with a big block Mopar supercharger kit shortly after (both designed around an ATI ProCharger supercharger).

We have spent countless hours designing and testing the limits of these kits as well as many others on our dynos, on the street and at the track. This testing and research has been crucial in helping us to create other high performance products such as spring tensioners, meth injection, intercooler kits, etc.


If you're looking for boost but don't want a supercharger, SD Concepts can fabricate a custom turbo setup for you no matter what the application. From headers and downpipes to intake tubing and intercooler setups, we can build a complete system to meet your goals.


Dial in your car or truck for maximum performance

Engine Dyno

Break-in your brand new or rebuilt engine prior to installing it in your car using our engine dyno! With over 28 channels available, we can monitor just about anything your engine is doing. All the tools are available to let you know that your engine is running properly and without issue BEFORE installing it into your car or truck. There's nothing worse than having to pull an engine back out of your car after finding an issue.

Chassis Dyno

Our chassis dyno allows us to tune your car or truck faster, safer, and more efficiently. Utilizing many of the same tools as our engine dyno, our chassis dyno allows us to monitor specific parameters and simulate real-world driving conditions. Customers love the fact that we're able to provide realistic data and accurate performance results.


Done once, done right, done all under one roof

  • Cooling - radiators, fans, shrouds
  • Fueling - gas tanks, fuel pumps, filters, regulators, plumbing
  • Carburetors - built or bought, dialed in for NOS, boost or naturally aspirated
  • Electrical - we are fully equipped to handle all wiring of gauges, fuel injection, lights, dashes, etc
  • Chassis and Suspension - coil overs, aftermarket front end upgrades, 4 links, alignments, etc
  • Exhaust - built or bought, any size, professionally installed here!
  • Custom Fabrication - we can make almost anything! Give us a call!
  • Differential - rebuilding, gear swaps, general service
  • Tuning - carbureted and fuel injected, boosted, nitrous or naturally aspirated
  • Track Side Assistance - chassis set up, tuning, showing you the ropes of racing
  • Roll Cage Fab and Install - NHRA certified cages built and installed here
  • Cylinder Head Work - building, porting, welding, assembling
  • Batteries - relocation, upgrading, cut off switches, etc
  • Box Car Builds - car apart in a pile? Give us a call!