If it’s ground-pounding horsepower you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place. SD Concept Engineering, Inc. (SDCE), is a premier vehicle & engine builder for high performance cars and trucks. We have customers in 42 states as well as Canada, England, Europe & Australia. When something doesn’t work, we fix it. When there’s a need for a performance part, we make it. We have MANY custom products and services available that will make your car perform better.
Our engines are not mass produced, they are hand-crafted to meet our customers’ unique needs. SDCE specialzes in small block and big block carbureted and EFI Chevy, Ford and Chrysler engines. Whether you need it for the street, the strip, or a combination of the two, we can help make your dream a reality!   More>>
Our work with boost is legendary! SDCE will help you choose the right blower or turbo model for your desired power levels. From there, our knowledgeable staff will also help with the correct add-ons, upgrades, installation and tuning.   More>>
Wide Range
of Projects
Whether you are looking to build the drag car of your dreams for the upcoming season, or a a fun, fast and reliable street car we can achieve the results you are after. From start to finish we’ll assist you in the decision making process each step of the way.
Knowledge &
Building a high-horsepower car is more than bolting on a collection of parts. You need a shop that understands which parts are right for your project, how the parts will perform, how they will work together and the modifications that will be needed. Mopar, Ford or GM, we’ve worked on them all.
Longevity &
A properly built engine shouldn’t blow up. Our 35+ years experience in the automotive performance industry allows us to know where & when we can make gains and the boundaries we must stay within. We are proud to say we have many race engines that have been “beat on” for many years without breaking.
Engine Dyno - Break-in your brand new engine prior to installing it in your freshly painted car with a run on our Engine Dyno! With over 28 channels available, we can monitor just about anything your engine is doing! ALL the tools are available to give you realistic real-world results
Our Chassis Dyno allows us to tune your car or truck faster and more efficiently. Utilizing many of the same tools as our engine dyno allows us to monitor specific parameters and simulate real-world driving or racing conditions so we can give realistic, accurate results.

In addition to a printout of your dyno run, we photograph and video (deleted tape) each run, giving you full bragging rights with your buddies!
SDCE can help you choose the correct model for your specific performance goals.

We can prep your supplied carburetor, we can supply a brand new model or we can build one from scratch.

  Naturally aspirated (400HP to
   1000HP) Recommend EFI
   over 1000HP
  Forced induction (400 HP to
   1000HP) Recommend EFI
   over 1000HP
SDCE can help you choose the correct set-up for your desired power level. We offer installation, tuning and programming for factory and aftermarket applications

  Certified Accel GEN VII installation
   and tuning facility
  SCT install and tuning facility for
   all Ford gas and diesel vehicles
  General Motors late 80’s thru
   present such as TBI, TPI, LT1
   and LS1
Turning a pile of tubes into a piece of art is another one of our specialties. We generally work with aluminized steel or stainless.

We can help design exhaust round or oval with “X” pipe, tailpipes if required, or custom turndowns or exits before the back tires. Available in 3”, 3.5”, 4” or 5”. Sized based on HP level and performance goals

  Intercooler plumbing - Front mount
   or custom mount in desired
  Turbo downtubes
  Rollcages NHRA and IHRA
   certified, chromoly or mild steel
  Exhaust fabrication and
Head porting is a must for many applications whether it’s a street car or a strip car. Simply hogging out material and making the hole bigger isn’t considered a “port job”. Knowing where to remove material, where to leave material and how to shape the material take many years of experience. Every head we port gets extensively checked and rechecked on our flow bench before, during and after porting to ensure it’s done properly.

  Head porting of all brands of cylinder
   heads for forced induction and
   naturally aspirated
  Stages I, II, and III intake and exhaust,
   or just exhaust
  Port matching intake manifolds
  Flow testing for Cylinder heads, intake
   manifolds and Carb hats
The premiere performance tuning shop for MOPAR, Ford and GM car and trucks
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