All Boost, No Lag!
Nothing will kick you in the pants quite like adding a supercharger or turbocharger to your vehicle. Since 1995, SD Concepts has been fabricating custom systems for a wide variety of GM, Ford and Mopar applications. If you are looking for a little boost or an air gulping monster, we can help plan and build a system for you.
Superchargers are a big part of what we do here at SDCE. We have countless hours on our engine & chassis dynos in addition to the street & track. We were the first company to make a dedicated system for small and big block Chryslers utilizing an ATI ProCharger and continue to push the limits of our custom systems.
•  400HP to 1500HP
•  Centrigual supercharging specialists
•  Twin-screw and roots style supercharging
•  Carbureted or EFI
•  Under-hood or thru-hood applications
•  Intercooled or Meth Injected
When you’re looking for boost without the noise of a supercharger, SDCE offers a wide range of turbo options. EASY TO INSTALL, true BOLT-ON kits for many GM cars and trucks – with full access to ALL your spark plugs!! No bolt-on available for your vehicle? SD Concepts can fabricate a complete, custom bolt-on kit for any non-standard application.

SDCE also offer custom designed intercooler systems, with plumbing fabrication for front mount or custom mount applications.
Whether it was to squeeze out a little more power, increase reliability or just fix an annoying problem, we’ve developed a variety of products you’ll find no where else in the marketplace. Many upgrades and options are available for “shelf kits” and our custom kits.
•  Custom Spring Tensioners
•  Complete blower systems for Mopars
•  Complete Turbo systems for Chevy
   and Mopar
The premiere performance tuning shop for MOPAR, Ford and GM car and trucks
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