SD Concept Engineering Means Big, Reliable Power
Why pay the same price for a boring "crate" motor when you can get something unique for your money? We meet your desired performance goals with SDCE Engine packages that are individually hand-built to order, utilizing the best-suited components for your specific application and our extensive background in performance engine design.

Each SDCE Engine receives the attention to detail that you will never see in an average over-the-counter “assembly-line-built” crate motor, allowing us to build Untraditional Power in Untraditional Ways!
Put Our Experience to Work for You
Our philosophy is if you understand how an engine works, it makes no difference what the badge on the front of the car says. From vintage Mopar, Ford & GM to modern day engines, there are things we’ve learned as engine developers that sets us apart from the average engine "assembler.” With years of hands-on engine building know-how and our way of thinking outside the box (rather than following the herd), dollar for dollar SDCE’s engine packages will out-perform the competition.
Mopar Small Block
400HP to 1000HP
318cid, 340cid, 360cid, 388cid

Big Block Chrysler
400HP to 1000HP
383cid, 400cid, 426cid, 440cid,
451cid, 475cid, 500cid
Ford Small Block
302, 316, 331, 347, 351, 400

Mod Motors
400HP to 750HP
4.6L, 5.4L
GM Small Block
283, 327, 350, 383, 388, 400

GM Big Block
396, 427, 444, 454, 502

Fully Tested & Documented
Engine development and testing occurs in real world conditions on our engine dyno. Every engine that we produce is dyno tested before leaving our shop. For customers who choose to have us install their new engine, further tuning on our in-house chassis dyno is performed. Street & track tuning is also available.

Each SDCE engine comes with full documentation including but not limited to assembly sheets listing every part and piece installed in the engine, clearance sheets, balance sheets, head flow sheets and dyno sheets.

See Samples:

•  Engine Spec Sheet •  Head Flow Sheet •  Head Porting Sheet
As a testament to the durability and longevity of our engines, our 1400HP Challenger has had the same engine in it for over 7 years now. Against what many people think and believe, our engine is a STOCK block and crank from a vintage 1960’s era Mopar.

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Have a problem no one else can seem to fix? Combining our extensive knowledge of how an engine works with our machinist backgrounds enables us to design products as well as re-engineer many existing aftermarket products getting them to work and function better.
The premiere performance tuning shop for MOPAR, Ford and GM car and trucks
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