Make / Model: 1973 Plymouth Duster
   Engine: SDCE built 382 cid
   Induction: SDCE/AFI twin turbo
   Horse Power: 1200 AT THE FLYWHEEL
No performance shop would be complete without a chassis dyno. It’s a major tool in adding reliable power to your car or truck. But like any tool, it’s the knowledge and experience of the technicians that help you get the most performance gains.

At SDCE we’ve been dyno-testing for 15 years and our Chassis Dyno has seen everything from a Go-Kart to a Quad Runner. From Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes and Mopars of all sorts... to many 1000+ horse power drag cars. The owners have all trusted SDCE to accurately measure the power and durability of their vehicles.
More About Our Chassis Dyno
•  Land and Sea Chassis Dyno
•  30” knurled roller to reduce tire spin
•  Single roller for RWD & FWD vehicles
•  Measures horse power from 7HP to 1600HP
•  DYNO-MAX™ Pro software for accurate test results
•  Customizable computer gauges to track almost any
    engine parameter

Why Put Your Vehicle on the Dyno?
•  Set a power baseline for your vehicle
•  Track power delivery gains from bolt-ons
•  Fine tune custom built / race engines in the vehicle
•  "Drive" up a hill forever and vary the "steepness" of the grade.
•  Hold a particular vehicle speed without overheating
    the braking system.
•  Check the mph of the vehicle
•  Accel & decel as needed without worrying about traffic
Chassis Dyno Pricing

3 baseline pulls with air fuel ratio
$85 flat fee

$125 per hour up to 3 hours with
one SDCE technician/tuner

$110 per hour from 3-6 hours

$100 per hour for 6 to 8 hours
Chevy Inspired Viewing Window 42” HD Performance Monitor Plenty of Safe Room Inside And Tons More Outside
SD Concepts makes it easy to meet other “car guys” and get a reduced-price dyno pull to see how your ride stacks up against the competition. We run many specialty “Dyno Days” from Spring through Fall and the highest recorded HP gets their dyno run for free.

SDCE Dyno Days have their own price structure. $45 per pull, $10 per additional pull up to a maximum of 3 back to back pulls. No tuning and no parts swapping on dyno days. We provide a grill, some burgs/dogs, or pizza and cold drinks as a courtesy to the dyno day participants. Minimum of 10 cars required for dyno day. Keep an eye out for our 2010 event list.
Mustang Day - View Pics Monte Carlo Day - View Pics Import Day - View Pics

1965 Vette

87 Monte SS

Chevy Chevelle

1972 Chevy Monte Carlo

1973 Dodge Challenger

1973 Dodge Challenger

1986 Buick Grand National

Chris's 1966 Chevelle

1988 Monte SS

2000 Vette

1973 Dodge Challenger

1973 Dodge Challenger

1989 GMC

number's matching Z28 1978

Mark's 1999 Camaro

Randy's 300Z

2007 Mustang GT

1973 Plymouth Duster

1973 Plymouth Duster

1973 Plymouth Duster

Craig's 73 Plymouth Cuda

G35 Infiniti

Dimitri's Big Block Monte

Chuck's Dakota R/T supercharged

2003 SVT Cobra

2001 Dakota R/T

2007 Ford GT 500

1967 Chevy Camaro

1984 Porsche Carrera

1978 Z28 Camaro, numbers matching

Bobby's 1964 Vette

Gerry's 2003 Mercury Marauder

Donnie's Chevelle

Jarred's 1995 Mustang GT

Mark's Circle Track Car

Rick's 1970 GTO

Dan's Mustang GT

Chris's Monte SS

1973 Dodge Challenger



1972 Nova

Mini Cooper

Chevy Nova

95 Camaro

1988 Monte SS

2003 GT 2V, automatic

2000 Pontiac Firebird WS6 convertible

1972 Trans Am

1981 Chevy Malibu

2002 Chevy Camaro

74 Nova

1988 Chevy Scottsdale

1973 Plymouth Duster

Quad on the dyno


1999 Dakota R/T

85 Mustang

73 Plymouth Duster

1973 Dodge Challenger
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